About Beacon Battery & Tire

Beacon Batteries has been in operation since October 1984. We specialize in reconditioned lead acid car batteries for auto, truck, boat, lawn mowers and equipment as well as deep cycle golf cart batteries and home power systems.


Tire Replacement and Repair

We know tires and we know that so much is riding on your tires. We specialize in tire replacement and repair. Our specialty is selling used tires but we offer new tires as well. We have competitive prices and we keep you on the road for less.  


How did we get our name

The owner Mark Beckwith went to apply for a business license, and never thought about what his business name should be. When the department of licensing ask about his business name, the thought that instantly ran through his mind was a light house with its powerful beacon of light to warn ships of danger. And so from that moment forward Beacon Batteries was born. 


Our Commitment

We are commuted to protecting our environment and we show this by our strict recycling practices. We do this in part by finding a home for reusable batteries and tires, minimizing the amount of waste that reaches our landfills with harmful substances and chemicals.